WBS Gives Back to Salem Home

In celebration of 40 years in business, WBS gives back to Salem Home . A huge thank you to WBS Constructions for their generosity as they celebrate this wonderful accomplishment

WBS gives back to Salem Home with Pride Electric Collapsible  Wheelchair

The wonderful gift from WBS Construction is a Pride electric collapsible wheelchair. The wheelchair is extremely light weight, weighing in at only 60lbs. It can easily fit into a vehicle when collapsed with a push of a button. Because of all of these attributes, staff and families will find it easier to take residents outside.

      “We are so grateful for businesses like WBS Construction, who have partnered with us over the years and continue to give back to the community.” said CEO Sherry Janzen.

On behalf of everyone at Salem Home, congratulations to WBS Construction on 40 years of successful business and continued success in the future.

Along with the gift to Salem Home, WBS Construction also gifted to other organizations to celebrate their anniversary.

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