The Magical Powers of a Glider Swing

The Magical Powers of a Glider Swing

The Magical Powers of a Glider Swing are many. “It’s the rhythm. We just enjoy the moment and count our many blessings,” says Henry Klassen. Luella and Henry Klassen of Winkler, Manitoba have been married for 56 years. Although Luella’s dementia has reached a point that she can no longer speak, Henry has found a new way to connect with her…by swinging on Salem Home’s WhisperGLIDE swing. “Of all the things we’ve done in our life, this gets back to all the good old days. And those days are precious, you know.” (This is from an article that appeared in CBC News Canada.)

The BC Care Providers Association News bulletin featured Salem Home and it’s WhisperGLIDE swing.  The article cites research and focuses on the impact and benefits of a Glider Swing. When residents used the WhisperGLIDE swing, there is an improvement in their emotions, ability to relax and the quality of life.

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