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Wheelchair Accessible Swing (Nursing - Salem Home)

Wheelchair Accessible Swing – Salem Home

Gliding away Anxiety!

Salem Home Ladies Auxiliary and D.A. Loewen Electric Gift Residents a Wheelchair Accessible Swing!

WINKLER, MB –  All residents of Salem Home, even those with wheelchairs, are able to enjoy the soothing movement of swinging and gliding thanks to the generosity of the Salem Home Ladies Auxiliary and D.A. Loewen who recently donated a WhisperGLIDE Wheelchair Accessible Swing.  “We’re so grateful, for this gift!” said Arlen Hildebrand, Salem Foundation Board Chair. “Not only is the swing a safe, fun intergenerational activity for all residents, their families and friends … the benefits of the therapeutic motion reduce anxiety, restlessness and agitation … providing a rocking motion that is soothing, relaxing and comforting.  Swinging together with staff, family and friends of all ages provides socialization, promotes relationships … improving the quality of life of residents.” The swing has been in operation for the past two weeks and is continually increasing in popularity and use.

When asked why the Salem Home Ladies Auxiliary wanted to help out with the purchase of a swing, Hilda Friesen, President of the Salem Home Ladies Auxiliary, said “our primary purpose as an Auxiliary is to help make the residents’ time in Salem Home be the best possible lived experience. After learning about the benefits of the swing and that it was wheelchair accessible there was a desire to purchase one.  The community support for our bake sales and silent auction made its purchase possible.

According to a study on “A Glider Swing Intervention for People with Dementia” (Geriatr Nurs 2001;22:86-90) the results indicate that the glider intervention significantly improved emotions and relaxation.  In the short time that the swing has been in use, Salem staff have already witnessed many smiles of joy … and heard the following thankful quotes from resident’s family members:

  • “we sit here and count our blessings!”

  • “he was so peaceful and relaxed!”

“The new WhisperGLIDE Swing is a wonderful gift that helps residents reminisce and recall memories of the past, while at the same time creating a lasting memory with their family and friends” said, Arlen Hildebrand. “The Foundation is committed to providing Salem Home Residents with a positive lived experience … making this chapter of their life journey meaningful! And it’s thanks to community support through our partner organization, Salem Home Ladies Auxiliary …and caring businesses such as D.A. Loewen Electric that make a difference in the residents’ lives!”

The cost of the WhisperGLIDE Swing is upwards to $9,000; the wish list includes three more swings for resident area patios.

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