Soaking up the last days of Summer on the Patio

Showing the beauty of the improvements to the patio

Residents from Cottonwood have been Soaking up last days of Summer on the redesigned patio. What a blessing it is that these improvements were finished with enough summer left for the residents to enjoy it. The residents can move around on their own because of the new pathway. They can relax on the wheelchair swing. When they’re sitting outside they can look out onto a beautiful garden and latticework. The residents can now enjoy sitting in the sun and this very relaxing environment.

Patio Seating area before
The seating area before the improvements
Patio Seating area after
The seating area after the improvements
Soaking up the last days of Summer on the Patio - the patio walkway before
The Patio Walkway Before
The patio walkway after
The Patio Walkway After
The view from the patio before
The View Before
The view from the patio after
The View After

Thank you to the Salem Foundation for your work with raising the funds for the improvements.

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