Small Hands … BIG Hearts … Gift Blinds for Five Resident Rooms!

Salem Home Resident Room blinds

Winkler Day Care Centre held a Lemonade & Cookie stand on May 11th to Pay it Forward and raise funds for Salem Home Resident room blinds.

Winkler Day Care raised funds for blinds for three Salem Home Resident rooms on May 11th … and thanks to the additional $500 they received from Access Credit Union on May 31st … they’ll be able to furnish five Resident rooms with Blinds!

Winkler Day Care Children - Salem Home Residents

Salem Home Residents visit Winkler Day Care Centre Lemonade & Cookie stand – that is raising money for Salem Resident Room blinds.

Intergenerational ... the young blessed the elder

Salem Home Resident and his Great Granddaughter at Winkler Day Care – Lemonade Stand (raising money for Resident Room blinds)

Improved Salem Home Resident Care - Thanks to Winkler Day Care

May 18th – Winkler Day Care Centre – presenting the cheque from their Lemonade & Cookie stand that raised money for Blinds for 3 Resident Rooms. The cheque was from “the bank of kindness!”

Thanks to Winkler Day Care Centre - five Salem Home Resident Rooms will have new blinds installed1

May 31st – Winkler Day Care – recipient of Access Credit Union $500 additional Pay it Forward – can now buy blinds for five Salem Home Resident Rooms.     (Photo from Access Credit Union Facebook post)





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