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Our goal is to keep you as informed and up to date as possible, however there may be instances where changes occur without notice.

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01apr9:45 amChurch Service (by Christ of the Gospel Church - Youth)Easter Sunday9:45 am Evergreen

01apr9:45 amChurch Service (by Winkler Bergthaler Mennonite Church)Easter Sunday9:45 am Chapel

02apr9:45 amChurch Service (by Old Colony Mennonite Church)Easter Monday9:45 am Chapel

02apr10:30 amChurch Service (by Old Colony Mennonite Church)Easter Monday10:30 am Evergreen

03apr10:30 amSewing Circle (Maple South)10:30 am

03apr10:30 am1:1 Visits (Cottonwood)10:30 am

03apr11:15 amEaster Buns (Evergreen)11:15 am

03apr1:15 pmBaking (Evergreen)1:15 pm

03apr3:00 pmEaster Jeopardy (Evergreen)3:00 pm

03apr3:00 pmMovie (Heritage Room)3:00 pm

03apr6:30 pmMovie Night (Evergreen)6:30 pm

03apr6:30 pmLorne Abrams (Chapel)6:30 pm

04apr9:45 amChapel Service (Main Floor)9:45 am

04apr10:30 amMen's Group (Heritage Room)10:30 am

04apr10:30 amWoodworking Group (Heritage Room) (Copy)10:30 am

04apr10:30 amMusic/Singing (Maple)10:30 am

04apr10:30 amChapel (Evergreen)10:30 am

04apr11:15 amEaster Reminisce (Evergreen)11:15 am

04apr3:00 pmBingo (Evergreen)3:00 pm

04apr3:00 pmEsther Janzen (Heritage Room)3:00 pm

04apr6:30 pmBaking (Cottonwood)6:30 pm

05apr9:45 amChapel Service (Main Floor)9:45 am

05apr10:15 amHymn Sing (Chapel)10:15 am

05apr10:30 amChapel (Evergreen)10:30 am

05apr1:30 pmManicures (Evergreen)1:30 pm

05apr3:00 pmBingo (Heritage Room)3:00 pm

05apr6:30 pmNew Life Fellowship Group (Chapel)6:30 pm

06apr9:45 amChapel Service (Chapel)9:45 am

06apr10:30 amChapel (Evergreen)10:30 am

06apr10:30 amMusic Memories (Cottonwood & Maple)10:30 am

06apr11:00 amDave Nickel (Evergreen)11:00 am

06apr2:00 pmMusic Therapy (Evergreen)2:00 pm

06apr3:00 pmPembina Players (Heritage Room)3:00 pm

07apr10:00 amBingo (Heritage Room)10:00 am

08apr9:45 amChurch Service (by Grace Mennonite Church)9:45 am Chapel

08apr9:45 amChurch Service (by Free Christian Church)9:45 am Evergreen

09apr9:45 amChapel Service (Main Floor)9:45 am

09apr10:30 amReading Circle (Cottonwood)10:30 am

09apr10:30 amChapel Service (Evergreen)10:30 am

09apr11:15 amFunny Bunny (Evergreen)11:15 am

09apr3:00 pmTable Top Hockey (Heritage Room)3:00 pm

09apr3:00 pmSing a Long (Evergreen)3:00 pm

09apr6:30 pmCrokinole (Maple South)6:30 pm

10apr10:30 amFlower Making (Heritage Room)10:30 am

10apr11:15 amExercise (Evergreen)11:15 am

10apr3:00 pmFact or Foolery (Evergreen)3:00 pm

10apr3:00 pmJohn Dyck (Heritage Room)3:00 pm

10apr6:30 pmMovie Night (Evergreen)6:30 pm

10apr6:30 pmZach Gospel Group (Chapel)6:30 pm

11apr9:45 amChapel Service (Main Floor)9:45 am

11apr10:30 amExercise (Maple South)10:30 am

11apr10:30 amMen's Group (Heritage Room)10:30 am

11apr10:30 amChapel (Evergreen)10:30 am

11apr11:15 amExercise (Evergreen)11:15 am

11apr11:30 amSing a Long (Evergreen)11:30 am

11apr3:00 pmBingo (Evergreen)3:00 pm

11apr3:00 pmDon Amero (Heritage Room)3:00 pm

11apr6:30 pmApril Showers..... (Cottonwood)6:30 pm

12apr9:45 amChapel Service (Main Floor)9:45 am

12apr10:15 amHymn Sing (Chapel)10:15 am

12apr10:30 amChapel (Evergreen)10:30 am

12apr12:00 pmWaffle Lunch (Evergreen)12:00 pm

12apr1:30 pmGames (Evergreen)1:30 pm

12apr3:00 pmBingo (Heritage Room)3:00 pm

12apr6:45 pmRosenort Group (Chapel)6:45 pm

13apr9:45 amChapel Service (Chapel)9:45 am

13apr10:30 amChapel (Evergreen)10:30 am

13apr11:00 amDave Nickel (Evergreen)11:00 am

13apr2:00 pmMusic Therapy (Evergreen)2:00 pm

13apr3:00 pmHeartland Keys (Heritage Room)3:00 pm

13apr6:30 pmJourneying on for Jesus (Chapel)6:30 pm

14apr10:00 amBingo (Heritage Room)10:00 am

14apr6:30 pmBible Baptist Group (Chapel)6:30 pm

15apr9:45 amChurch Service (by Sommerfeld Mennonite Church)9:45 am Chapel

15apr10:30 amChurch Service (by Sommerfeld Mennonite Church)10:30 am Evergreen

15apr3:30 pmFaspa Fellowship & Song3:30 pm Winkler Bergthaler Mennonite Church, 252 6th St

16apr9:45 amChapel Service (Main Floor)9:45 am

16apr10:30 amChapel Service (Evergreen)10:30 am

16apr10:30 amBaking (Cottonwood)10:30 am

16apr11:15 amJust for Fun (Evergreen)11:15 am

16apr3:00 pmSing a Long (Evergreen)3:00 pm

16apr6:30 pmThiessen Family (Chapel)6:30 pm

17apr10:30 am1:1 Visits (Cottonwood)10:30 am

17apr10:30 am1:1 Visits (Maple South)10:30 am

17apr11:15 amBall Game (Evergreen)11:15 am

17apr3:00 pmCam Hartley (Heritage Room)3:00 pm

17apr3:00 pmCam Hartley (Heritage Room)3:00 pm

17apr3:00 pmCreative Forecasts (Evergreen)3:00 pm

17apr6:30 pmWinkler German MB Choir (Chapel)6:30 pm

17apr6:30 pmMovie Night (Evergreen)6:30 pm

18apr9:45 amChapel Service (Main Floor)9:45 am

18apr10:30 amChapel (Evergreen)10:30 am

18apr10:30 amMen's Group (Heritage Room)10:30 am

18apr10:30 amMusic/Singing (Maple North & South)10:30 am

18apr11:15 amSpring Reading (Evergreen)11:15 am

18apr3:00 pmHenry Zacharias (Heritage Room)3:00 pm

18apr3:00 pmBingo (Evergreen)3:00 pm

18apr6:30 pmMovie & Popcorn (Cottonwood)6:30 pm

19apr9:45 amChapel Service (Main Floor)9:45 am

19apr10:15 amHymn Sing (Chapel)10:15 am

19apr10:30 amChapel (Evergreen)10:30 am

19apr1:30 pmBaking (Evergreen)1:30 pm

19apr3:00 pmBingo (Heritage Room)3:00 pm

19apr6:30 pmSommerfeld Group (Chapel)6:30 pm

20apr9:45 amChapel Service (Chapel)9:45 am

20apr10:30 amWinkler Daycare (Heritage Room)10:30 am

20apr10:30 amChapel (Evergreen)10:30 am

20apr11:00 amDave Nickel (Evergreen)11:00 am

20apr2:00 pmMusic Therapy (Evergreen)2:00 pm

20apr3:00 pmTom & Fred (Heritage Room)3:00 pm

21apr10:00 amBingo (Heritage Room)10:00 am

21apr6:30 pmThe Pilgrims (Chapel)6:30 pm

22apr9:45 amChurch Service (by Blumenort Mennonite Church)9:45 am Chapel

22apr9:45 amChurch Service (Christ of the Gospel Church - Youth)9:45 am Evergreen

23apr9:45 amChapel Service (Main Floor)9:45 am

23apr10:30 amJR Walkof Students (Cottonwood, Evergreen & Maple)10:30 am

23apr10:30 amChapel Service (Evergreen)10:30 am

23apr3:00 pmSing a Long (Evergreen)3:00 pm

23apr3:00 pmMusic Quiz (Heritage Room)3:00 pm

23apr3:00 pmBilly Graham Tribute (Heritage Room)3:00 pm

23apr6:30 pmCrokinole (Maple South)6:30 pm

24apr10:30 amFlower Making (Heritage Room)10:30 am

24apr11:15 amExercise (Evergreen)11:15 am

24apr3:00 pmTelephone History (Evergreen)3:00 pm

24apr3:00 pmMartha Elias (Heritage Room)3:00 pm

24apr6:30 pmReinfeld Ladies (Chapel)6:30 pm

24apr6:30 pmMovie Night (Evergreen)6:30 pm

24apr6:30 pmReinfeld Ladies (Chapel)6:30 pm

25apr9:45 amChapel Service (Main Floor)9:45 am

25apr10:30 amMen's Group (Heritage Room)10:30 am

25apr10:30 amChapel (Evergreen)10:30 am

25apr10:30 amBean Bag Toss (Maple North & South)10:30 am

25apr11:15 amSing a Long (Evergreen)11:15 am

25apr1:30 pm1:1 Visits (Evergreen)1:30 pm

25apr3:00 pmBingo (Evergreen)3:00 pm

25apr3:00 pmSing a Long (Heritage Room)3:00 pm

25apr6:30 pmBaking (Cottonwood)6:30 pm

26apr9:45 amChapel Service (Main Floor)9:45 am

26apr10:15 amHymn Sing (Chapel)10:15 am

26apr10:30 amChapel (Evergreen)10:30 am

26apr1:30 pmCraft (Evergreen)1:30 pm

26apr3:00 pmBingo (Heritage Room)3:00 pm

26apr6:30 pmPeters Family (Chapel)6:30 pm

27apr9:45 amChapel Service (Chapel)9:45 am

27apr10:30 amChapel (Evergreen)10:30 am

27apr11:00 amDave Nickel (Evergreen)11:00 am

27apr2:00 pmMusic Therapy (Evergreen)2:00 pm

27apr2:30 pmBirthday Party (Evergreen)2:30 pm

27apr3:00 pmBirthday Party (Heritage Room)3:00 pm

27apr6:30 pmGerman Gospel Group (Chapel)6:30 pm

28apr10:00 amBingo (Heritage Room)10:00 am

29apr9:45 amChurch Service (by Bethel Bergthaler Mennonite Church)9:45 am Evergreen

29apr9:45 amChurch Service (by New Hope Mennonite Church)9:45 am Chapel

30apr9:45 amChapel Service (Main Floor)9:45 am

30apr10:30 amChapel Service (Evergreen)10:30 am

30apr10:30 amManicures (Cottonwood)10:30 am

30apr11:15 amSkip Bo (Evergreen)11:15 am

30apr3:00 pmHow Is it Made? (Heritage Room)3:00 pm

30apr3:00 pmSing a Long (Evergreen)3:00 pm

30apr6:30 pmSkip Bo (Maple South)6:30 pm

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