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Event Calendar

Our goal is to keep you as informed and up to date as possible, however there may be instances where changes occur without notice.

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01oct10:30 am1:1 Visits (Cottonwood)10:30 am

01oct10:30 amBalloon Badminton (Maple South)10:30 am

01oct11:15 amCrib Games (Evergreen)11:15 am

01oct3:00 pmPumpkin Carving (Evergreen)3:00 pm

01oct3:00 pmJohn Dyck (HR)3:00 pm

01oct6:00 pmMovie Night (Evergreen)6:00 pm

01oct6:30 pmAaron Reimer (Chapel)6:30 pm

02oct6:30 amChapel Service (Evergreen)6:30 am

02oct7:30 amChapel Service (Evergreen)7:30 am

02oct8:30 amChapel Service (Evergreen)8:30 am

02oct9:30 amChapel Service (Evergreen)9:30 am

02oct9:45 amChurch Service (Chapel)9:45 am

02oct10:30 amChapel Service (Evergreen)10:30 am

02oct10:30 amChapel Service (Evergreen)10:30 am

02oct10:30 am1:1 Visits (Maple)10:30 am

02oct10:30 amMen's Group (Heritage Room)10:30 am

02oct11:15 amExercise (Evergreen)11:15 am

02oct3:00 pmBingo (Evergreen)3:00 pm

02oct3:00 pmSing a Long (Heritage Room)3:00 pm

02oct6:30 pmBaking (Cottonwood)6:30 pm

03oct9:45 amChurch Service (Chapel)9:45 am

03oct10:30 amChapel Service (Evergreen)10:30 am

03oct10:30 amHymn Sing (Chapel)10:30 am

03oct1:30 pmBaking (Evergreen)1:30 pm

03oct3:00 pmBingo (Heritage Room)3:00 pm

03oct6:30 pmNew Life Fellowship Group (Chapel)6:30 pm

04oct9:45 amChurch Service (Chapel)9:45 am

04oct10:30 am1:1 Visits (Cottonwood)10:30 am

04oct10:30 amWood Painting (Maple South)10:30 am

04oct10:30 amChapel Service (Evergreen)10:30 am

04oct11:00 amDave Nickel (Evergreen)11:00 am

04oct2:00 pmMusic Therapy (Evergreen)2:00 pm

04oct3:00 pmPembina Players (Heritage Room)3:00 pm

05oct10:00 amBingo (Heritage Room)10:00 am

06oct9:45 amChapel Service (Evergreen)9:45 am

06oct9:45 amChurch Service (Chapel)9:45 am

06oct6:30 pmGerman Youth Group (Chapel)6:30 pm

07oct9:45 amChurch Service (Chapel)9:45 am

07oct10:30 amManicures (Cottonwood)10:30 am

07oct10:30 amChapel Service (Evergreen)10:30 am

07oct11:15 amGames (Evergreen)11:15 am

07oct3:00 pmShoot the Birdie (Heritage Room)3:00 pm

07oct3:00 pmSing a Long (Evergreen)3:00 pm

07oct6:00 pmBowlingMaple South6:00 pm

08oct10:30 amMen's CoffeeMaple10:30 am

08oct11:15 amMeet & GreetEvergreen11:15 am

08oct3:00 pmBakingEvergreen3:00 pm

08oct3:00 pmAbe ReimerHeritage Room3:00 pm

08oct6:00 pmMovie Night (Evergreen)6:00 pm

08oct6:45 pmZach Gospel GroupChapel6:45 pm

09oct9:45 amChurch Service (Chapel)9:45 am

09oct10:30 amChapel Service (Evergreen)10:30 am

09oct10:30 amMen's Group (Heritage Room)10:30 am

09oct10:30 amMen's GroupHeritage Room10:30 am

09oct10:30 amExerciseHeritage Room10:30 am

09oct11:15 amReadingEvergreen11:15 am

09oct3:00 pmBingo (Evergreen)3:00 pm

09oct3:00 pmSing a Long (Heritage Room)3:00 pm

09oct6:30 pmThanksgivingCottonwood6:30 pm

10oct9:45 amChurch Service (Chapel)9:45 am

10oct10:30 amChapel Service (Evergreen)10:30 am

10oct10:30 amHymn Sing (Chapel)10:30 am

10oct1:30 pmBaking (Evergreen)1:30 pm

10oct3:00 pmBingo (Heritage Room)3:00 pm

10oct6:45 pmRosenort GroupChapel6:45 pm

11oct9:45 amChurch Service (Chapel)9:45 am

11oct10:30 amChapel Service (Evergreen)10:30 am

11oct11:00 amDave Nickel (Evergreen)11:00 am

11oct2:00 pmMusic Therapy (Evergreen)2:00 pm

11oct3:00 pmHeartland KeysHeritage Room3:00 pm

11oct6:30 pmCGF Youth GroupChapel6:30 pm

12oct6:30 pmBible Baptist ChurchChapel6:30 pm

13oct9:45 amChurch Service (Chapel)9:45 am

13oct9:45 amChapel Service (Evergreen)9:45 am

14octAll DayThanksgiving Day(All Day: monday)

15oct10:30 am1:1 VisitsCottonwood & Maple10:30 am

15oct11:15 amGamesEvergreen11:15 am

15oct3:00 pmThankful Thoughts3:00 pm

15oct3:00 pmCam HartleyHeritage Room3:00 pm

15oct6:00 pmMovie Night (Evergreen)6:00 pm

15oct6:30 pmWinkler German MBChapel6:30 pm

16oct9:45 amChurch Service (Chapel)9:45 am

16oct10:30 amMen's Group (Heritage Room)10:30 am

16oct10:30 amChapel Service (Evergreen)10:30 am

16oct3:00 pmBingo (Evergreen)3:00 pm

16oct3:00 pmSing a Long (Heritage Room)3:00 pm

16oct5:00 pmResident Fall GatheringCare Areas5:00 pm

17oct9:45 amChurch Service (Chapel)9:45 am

17oct10:30 amChapel Service (Evergreen)10:30 am

17oct10:30 amHymn Sing (Chapel)10:30 am

17oct12:00 pmWaffle LunchEvergreen12:00 pm

17oct3:00 pmBingo (Heritage Room)3:00 pm

17oct3:00 pmMovieEvergreen3:00 pm

17oct6:30 pmSommerfeld GroupChapel6:30 pm

18oct9:45 amChurch Service (Chapel)9:45 am

18oct10:30 amWinkler DaycareHeritage Room10:30 am

18oct10:30 amChapel Service (Evergreen)10:30 am

18oct11:00 amDave Nickel (Evergreen)11:00 am

18oct2:00 pmMusic Therapy (Evergreen)2:00 pm

18oct3:00 pmTom & FredHeritage Room3:00 pm

19oct10:00 amCentral Manitoba Youth ChoirChapel10:00 am

19oct6:30 pmThe PilgrimsChapel6:30 pm

20oct9:45 amChurch Service (Chapel)9:45 am

20oct10:30 amChapel ServiceEvergreen10:30 am

21oct9:45 amChurch ServiceChapel9:45 am

21oct10:30 amChapelEvergreen10:30 am

21oct10:30 am12:00 pmFederal Election VotingHeritage Room10:30 am - 12:00 pm

21oct11:15 amGamesEvergreen11:15 am

21oct3:00 pmSing a LongEvergreen3:00 pm

21oct3:00 pmJesse & Grace3:00 pm

22oct10:30 amReading GroupMaple South10:30 am

22oct10:30 amSkip BoCottonwood10:30 am

22oct11:15 amCrib GamesEvergreen11:15 am

22oct3:00 pmElisabeth ToewsHeritage Room3:00 pm

22oct3:00 pmFall CraftEvergreen3:00 pm

22oct6:00 pmMovie Night (Evergreen)6:00 pm

22oct6:30 pmFriesen FamilyChapel6:30 pm

23oct9:45 amChurch Service (Chapel)9:45 am

23oct10:30 amChapel Service (Evergreen)10:30 am

23oct10:30 amMen's Group (Heritage Room)10:30 am

23oct10:30 amExerciseHeritage Room10:30 am

23oct11:15 am1:1 VisitsEvergreen11:15 am

23oct3:00 pmSing a Long (Heritage Room)3:00 pm

23oct3:00 pmBingo (Evergreen)3:00 pm

23oct6:30 pmBakingCottonwood6:30 pm

24oct9:45 amChurch Service (Chapel)9:45 am

24oct10:30 amHymn Sing (Chapel)10:30 am

24oct10:30 amChapel Service (Evergreen)10:30 am

24oct1:30 pmManicuresEvergreen1:30 pm

24oct3:00 pmBingo (Heritage Room)3:00 pm

24oct3:00 pmReadingEvergreen3:00 pm

24oct6:30 pmHenry & SueChapel6:30 pm

25oct9:45 amChurch Service (Chapel)9:45 am

25oct10:30 amFill ShakersMaple South10:30 am

25oct10:30 amChapel Service (Evergreen)10:30 am

25oct10:30 amIn the GardenCottonwood10:30 am

25oct11:00 amDave Nickel (Evergreen)11:00 am

25oct2:00 pmMusic Therapy (Evergreen)2:00 pm

25oct3:00 pmBirthday PartyEvergreen & Heritage Room3:00 pm

25oct6:30 pmGerman Gospel GroupChapel6:30 pm

26oct10:00 amBingoHeritage Room10:00 am

27oct9:45 amChurch Service (Chapel)9:45 am

27oct10:30 amChapel ServiceEvergreen10:30 am

27oct3:00 pmFaith & Life Men's ChoirChapel3:00 pm

28oct9:45 amChurch ServiceChapel9:45 am

28oct10:30 amChapelEvergreen10:30 am

28oct10:30 amMental AerobicsCottonwood10:30 am

28oct3:00 pmSing a LongEvergreen3:00 pm

28oct3:00 pmName that ToolHeritage Room3:00 pm

28oct6:30 pmBakingMaple South6:30 pm

29oct10:30 amGoodie BagsCottonwood10:30 am

29oct10:30 amGamesMaple South10:30 am

29oct11:15 amBall TossEvergreen11:15 am

29oct3:00 pmVince AndersonHeritage Room3:00 pm

29oct3:00 pmJoking AroundEvergreen3:00 pm

29oct6:00 pmMovie Night (Evergreen)6:00 pm

29oct6:30 pmLorne AbramsChapel6:30 pm

30oct9:45 amChurch Service (Chapel)9:45 am

30oct10:30 amChapel Service (Evergreen)10:30 am

30oct10:30 amMen's Group (Heritage Room)10:30 am

30oct3:00 pmCostume ParadeMaple Grove3:00 pm

30oct3:00 pmBingo (Evergreen)3:00 pm

30oct3:00 pm5:30 pmAshley's Adaptive Clothing SaleHeritage Room3:00 pm - 5:30 pm

30oct3:30 pmCostume ParadeEvergreen3:30 pm

30oct6:30 pmJourney for HimChapel6:30 pm

31oct9:45 amChurch Service (Chapel)9:45 am

31oct10:30 amChapel Service (Evergreen)10:30 am

31oct10:30 amHymn Sing (Chapel)10:30 am

31oct3:00 pmBingo (Heritage Room)3:00 pm

31oct3:00 pmBakingEvergreen3:00 pm

31oct6:30 pmKornelson Gospel GroupChapel6:30 pm

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