No Covid-19 in Salem Home

Dear Families and friends,


On Pembina Valley online today you will read that they said Salem Home is in an outbreak.  We want to assure you that there is NO cases of COVID-19 in Salem Home.  They are referring to the information we had earlier this week which we informed families about in a letter on November 10th.  (you can see the letter by clicking here)


We know you are concerned about your loved one and the news is alarming to hear.  We have been receiving many phone calls about this information but please know that we will contact the primary contact about your loved one’s condition, should it be affected.

At this time, we ask that you contact the Resident Care Manager for your unit

Again, you can contact the Resident Care Managers by email at the following addresses:

  • Cottonwood: Katharina Bruhn,
  • Maple: Kim Enns,
  • Evergreen/Willow: Dayna Jonasson,

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