Meet the Volunteer – James Friesen

James has been a volunteer at Salem Home since August 2015, so coming up on his three year anniversary. Last year he earned the Top Volunteer Hours Certificate with 304.5 hours.

James has many roles when he is here on Wednesdays, but the main role he plays is leading the morning Men’s Coffee Group. His passion, kindness, enthusiasm and sense of humor make it very easy to connect with him and when that coffee group is happening you hear a lot of laughter. James is very quick to say yes to whatever we ask him of him and he does it with a smile and a positive attitude. This positive attitude has helped him created some very meaningful relationships with everyone he interacts with.

James’s favorite thing about being a volunteer at Salem Home is being able to spend time with the residents. James is a fantastic addition to the Salem Home Volunteer Department Team and is truly a blessing to the residents. Thank you James for everything you do!

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