Keeping the Residents Connected

The generosity and innovation of the community around us in keeping the residents connected has been amazing.   Thank you to Telus  and Powerland for your donation.  The 2 cell phones and tablet will help the residents stay connected with their families.

These devices provide residents with freedom to talk on the phone in the comfort of their room instead in a noisy public area.  Residents can get so much more out of the conversation because there isn’t all the noise and commotion to distract them.

So as a result, these devices are freeing up the Salem Home landline for normal business use.  They are freeing up staff time too.  The staff are able to create other connections instead of portering and supervising residents to public phones.  They are a fantastic addition to Salem Home’s goal to keep the residents connected with their families during this time.  Thank you very much Telus and Powerland

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