Visitation Shelters Visits

 To book an appointment for the Salem Home Visitation Shelters please click HERE or visit

Visitation Shelters Information

  • Starting on Wednesday, February 10, 2021, the Visitation Shelters located just off of Pembina Avenue will be available for general visitation.
  • Appointments for visiting your loved one can be made by clicking HERE or by visiting
  • Visitation Hours in the shelters are daily from 1:00 PM – 7:00 PM. This includes weekends
  • The Visitation Shelters can be booked based on the guidelines as defined by Shared Health and the Chief Provincial Public Health Officer.  Please see the Visitor Orientation guidelines at the bottom of this page
  • General visitors are reminded to self-isolate for 14 days should they have traveled outside the province.
  • As with Designated Family Caregivers, should the above guidelines not be respected or followed, the visitor may be asked to leave, and if the behaviours continue, the visitor will not be allowed to visit. The protocols and guidelines are in place to protect the resident.

Visitor Orientation Guidelines

  1. There are designated parking spots for visitors visiting in the shelter. Access is from Pembina Ave. and the spots are on the south side of the parking lot (facing Pembina Ave.).
  2. Arrive five (5) minutes prior to the scheduled time to allow for the screening process. If there is a delay in the arrival, the visitation time will NOT be extended, due to the required time for cleaning the shelter between visits.
  3. Proceed to the labelled shelter that you are scheduled for and wait outside the door. The screening person will open the door from the inside (it is locked from the outside)
  4. You must follow infection control measures: wear a mask during the entire time of the visit, maintain physical distance from the resident (6ft) and perform hand hygiene when entering the shelter.
  5. No food or beverages are allowed in the visitation space.
  6. No pets are allowed in the visitation space.
  7. After your screening is successful, the resident will be brought into the visitation space and your 30-minute visit will begin.
  8. There is a call bell in place in case you require assistance with the resident or your visit is ending earlier than scheduled.
  9. In case of a fire, a staff member will come and assist with the evacuation, either through the outside door or the resident’s space, depending on where the fire is located.
  10. When the visitation time is over, you will be asked to leave the shelter and only after you have left will, the resident will be taken back to the care area.

If you have any questions, please contact Karin Oliveira, Director of Resident Care Services, at extension 224.


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