Covid-19 Update to Families – March 2, 2021

March 2, 2021

Hello to all Families:

It has been almost one month since we have been outbreak free! The temperature outside is getting warmer, the days are getting longer, the visitation shelters are open and residents are having the opportunity to visit with other people besides the two designated family caregivers. All these are reasons to be thankful! Physical distancing, handwashing, disinfection and now vaccination remain the best options for managing the spread of this virus. The risk is still there and we continue to do our best to prevent infection.

As of today, March 2, 2021, the numbers of positive and recovered cases has not changed from the previous one we shared last month.

Designated Family Caregivers

  • We continue to appreciate your dedication and willingness to follow the directions when visiting at Salem Home.
  • If Designated Family Caregivers have traveled outside the province for even a day, they must have isolated for 14 days prior to visiting their loved one.
  • Please note that we are constantly monitoring our residents and at any given time, we may need to isolate someone because of symptoms or waiting for test results. This changes the resident from a green zone to an orange zone, requiring more PPE (gown and gloves). We communicate the same with the first contact, but will not send out a letter to everyone.  As we established earlier, we will be sending out letters to advice you if we have another positive case (resident or staff).  If you don’t hear that from us, then there is no outbreak declared.
  • Visiting Hours for Designated Family Caregivers were changed on February 10, 2021. The NEW times are
  • Monday – Friday: 10AM – 5:45 PM
  • Saturday & Sunday – 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM
  • Families may bring in any food for the resident, but family members cannot eat in the residents room as the mask needs to remain on during the time you are in the facility. The cafeteria services are suspended for family use until further notice.
  • Should these guidelines not be respected or followed, please be aware that the family member may be asked to leave, and if the behaviours continue, families will be requested to designate another caregiver. We cannot jeopardize the health of residents and staff.
  • We ask you to continue to be mindful of what you are asking staff to do – whether to answer the door after hours, answering the phone, or bringing items to the residents.


  • The second dose of vaccine against COVID-19 for residents was administered on February 17, 2021. We had 67% of the residents immunized.
  • Thank you to all families for considering and consenting to the immunization for your resident. It is another layer of protection for them.
  • Families wanting to reconsider their initial decision of not having their resident receive the immunization, please let the Unit Resident Care Manager know.

Visitation Shelters

  • The shelters have been open for visitation since February 10, 2021 daily, from 1:15 PM– 7:15PM
  • Appointments for visiting your loved one can be made through the on-line booking program used previous.
  • As with Designated Family Caregivers, should the guidelines not be respected or followed, the visitor may be asked to leave, and if the behaviours continue, the visitor will not be allowed to visit. The protocols and guidelines are in place to protect the resident.
  • We hear in the daily newscasts, residents living in long term care facilities are the most vulnerable. Any actions that jeopardize the protection or violate the guidelines are taken seriously.


In celebration of Salem Home’s 65th anniversary, the Governing Board has approved renovations on the oldest part of our building (1972).  This includes Cottonwood care area and 10 rooms on Maple. Renovations will be completed in three phases.  This is exciting news as we will make the resident rooms more user friendly and will give them a new look. These renovations include removal of asbestos, new flooring, new beds, new lifts, new furniture and way finding features which promote independence! It will look amazing! Negotiations are currently underway for the addition of the sprinkler system to the Cottonwood Care Area.

In order for Phase One to happen, we will need to move residents out of the Cottonwood East Hallway, the first to be under construction. We will start moving residents within the next week so we will be ready for construction to begin.  If a resident is in this hallway, you will be contacted by the Social Worker (Stephanie Thiessen). It is a temporarily move and your loved one will have the option to return to their renovated room or to stay in the room they were relocated to. We do not have a start date yet, but are hoping it will be within a number of weeks.

This will be a fundraising project for the Salem Home Governing Board.  If you would like to make a donation towards this very worthy project, please contact either one of us, or make your donation payable to Salem Home.  Thank you for your consideration.



Sherry Janzen                                                                    Karin Oliveira

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