Covid-19 Update from May 5

Hello to all Families:

It has been over a month since our last update. Things at Salem Home continue to go well. We have not had another outbreak and residents and staff have settled into the new reality. Even though we would all like to go back to how things were before, we know that it is a matter of time and for now we still have to be careful. Maintaining physical distance, wearing masks, washing hands are and remains very important. We thank you for doing your part when you come to visit. The third wave is here and the risk is still high!

Designated Family Caregivers

  • As the temperatures outside get warmer, we will change the time for visitation. Starting May 10, 2021 the new times are:
  • Monday – Friday: 10 AM – 5:45 PM (no changes)
  • Saturday & Sunday: 1:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Please note that we will NOT have someone answering the door between:

  • 12:00 – 12:30 PM
  • 5:00 – 5:30 PM
  • The Designated Family Caregiver is allowed to take the resident outside for a walk. If meeting with other family members, masks are required.
  • Please note that we are constantly monitoring our residents and at any given time, we may need to isolate someone because of symptoms or waiting for test results. This changes the resident from a green zone to an orange zone, requiring more PPE (gown and gloves). We communicate the same with the first contact, but will not send out a letter to everyone.  The definition of an outbreak was changed to two cases (previously was one) and we will be sending out letters to advice you if we have an outbreak.  If you don’t hear that from us, then there is no outbreak declared.
  • We ask you to continue to be mindful of what you are asking staff to do – whether to answer the door after hours, answering the phone, or bringing items to the residents.


  • We have 71 % of the residents immunized.
  • Thank you to all families for considering and consenting to the immunization for your resident.  It is another layer of protection for them.
  • Families wanting to reconsider their initial decision of not having their resident receive the immunization, please let the Unit Resident Care Manager know.

Visitation Shelters

  • The Shelters have been open to visitors for the past three months. At this time, usage is around 70% of time. The evening hours have not been fully booked, so NEW hours come into effect, starting on May 10, 2021:
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays: from 1:00 – 7:15 PM
  • All other days, including the weekend: from 1:00 – 5:00 PM
  • Appointments for visiting your loved one can be made through the on-line booking program used previous.
  • Should the guidelines not be respected or followed, the visitor may be asked to leave, and if the behaviours continue, the visitor will not be allowed to visit. The protocols and guidelines are in place to protect the resident.

Renovations Update

First, thank you to all the staff and families for assisting residents from Cottonwood Hallway East to move into other areas of Salem Home.  This was a big undertaking and was completed in a relative short time period, given the changes everyone had to make. 

 Cottonwood Hallway East is undergoing extensive renovations. At the time of this writing, the asbestos abatement for the first 10 rooms is complete, and the last 10 rooms should be finished by the end of the first week in May.  Plumbing and electrical are getting a rework for the future floor design.  Prior to the drywall going in, the sprinkler system will be installed, as well as duct work for the two new Air Handling Units. In determining how the virus spread so rapidly in the facilities which experienced significant outbreaks and many deaths, it was found that spread happened with the lack of air exchange in the facility. Consequently all the standards are now changing and the air units going into Cottonwood are designed to create significant better air movement throughout the unit.  The air standards for air handling units in PCHs will exceed those installed in acute care settings. 

 To date, time frames remain at three to four months for each phase.  That could change if required materials are not available, but the vendors working on the renovations have done an amazing job of finding the materials they need to get the job done.

 This is a fundraising initiative for the Salem Home Governing Board.  If you wish to make a donation towards the renovation project, please make your donation payable to Salem Home, or contact either one of us for specifics.  This project embraces those residents living at Salem Home today, and those who will in the future.

Please mark June 10 on your calendar as a Date to Remember.  The Salem Home Governing Board, Salem Foundation, and Salem Home Ladies Auxiliary are hosting a fundraising Barbeque to celebrate the 65th anniversary of Salem Home.  Details will be posted on the website, Instagram, and in other media.

 The event will be in a drive through format at the Meridian Event Center on June 10th from 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM.  Funds raised will be used by the Foundation for the purchase of furniture resident rooms (60 rooms already have the new furniture) and the Ladies Auxiliary is hoping to purchase another ABBY for Cottonwood residents.  

 We are looking forward to seeing many familiar and not so familiar faces celebrating with us.  Throughout the history of Salem Home, it has been an example of what a difference it makes when we put Christ at the center of care. 




Sherry Janzen                                                                    Karin Oliveira

Chief Executive Officer                                                  Director of Resident Care Services

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