Covid-19 Update for June 22

June 22, 2020
Dear Families,
Today Shared Health Manitoba released new Personal Care Home Resident Visitation Principles. They have determined that due to the very low level of COVID-19 activity, visitor restrictions will be as follows:

  • Essential Service Providers (such as Occupational Therapist, Speech Language Therapist, Foot Care Nurse etc.) will be permitted to enter the PCH as determined by need by the care team.
  • Non-essential Services, which includes a licensed hairdresser, will be permitted. We have been in contact with our two hairdressers and they will begin haircuts again on June 23, 2020. This is for haircuts only, no sets, perms or dyes etc.
  • End of Life Indoor visits. Designated visitors may be identified. Family will be contacted during this time to explain the most current regulations.
  • Visitors – Indoor visits – Designated visitors may be identified. One (1) visitor in a 24-hour period. Two (2) visitors may be approved if space allows for physical distancing. Non-medical masks are required to be worn properly for the entire visit, and supplied by the visitor. We are working at creating a space and once it is ready, indoor visits may begin. It will be limited to what we can accommodate in the facility as well as staff availability.
  • Visitors – Outdoor visits – Outdoor visits are still preferred to keep the number of individuals entering the facility at a minimum. Designated visitors may be identified, with a maximum of two (2) visitors in a day. Previous guidelines indicated that it would always be the same visitors permitted, but this has opened up to other visitorss

What does that mean for visitors?

  • Outdoor visits will still occur in the same format that they have been. Visits will need to be scheduled and visitors screened. However, this opens it up to more family being able to visit each resident, while staying within two visitors at a time only. Each new visitor will have to sign a contract.
  • We are currently working on developing an online booking system where you will be able to schedule your own visit. Once this is available, we will send out more information. You will need to have an email address to use this system, and it will be the only way to schedule a visit.

We remind all families and visitors that when visiting you follow the guidelines that are listed in the contract you signed. This includes maintaining six (6) feet in between you and the resident, no food or beverages allowed whatsoever, and not passing items such as papers, phones or iPads to the resident and back, among others. If these guidelines are not followed, the opportunity to visit will be removed.

Please note that each PCH facility may differ in their rules based on what they can accommodate. At this time, the above guidelines have been set out in the Public Health Order by which Salem Home, a licensed personal care home in Manitoba, must follow. The ability to visit can change at any time should a resident or staff member have the COVID-19 virus. We ask that you respect the other residents, their families and staff by following the guidelines when you are visiting.

We do not know what visitations will look like in the future, but there is a likelihood that the way family and the public visited prior to March 2020 will not happen for a long time. I know this is not what families want to hear or read, but that is Salem Home’s reality.

We know that this has been a very frustrating time for many families who wish to visit with their loved ones, and many of you have expressed your concerns. Please know that we are putting the care of your loved ones as our highest priority. If you continue to have concerns about these guidelines, please contact:

Chief Provincial Public Health Office

Dr. Brent Roussin

4004 – 300 Carlton St Winnipeg MB R3B 3M9

FAX: 204-948-2204


Thank you for your continued encouragement and prayers during this difficult time.
Sherry Janzen


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