Covid-19 Update for June 16

To Families and Friends of Salem Home Residents,

Thank you for so faithfully advocating for your loved one throughout this pandemic.  Residents are blessed to have their families ensuring they are being cared for.  While the staff will never replace family, they are trying their very best to care for your loved one to the best of their ability.  They work hard at having your loved one find meaning and purpose in each day.  Many staff are being exceptionally careful of where they go, who they socialize with and keeping themselves healthy so residents care be safe from the COVID-19 virus.


Please know that the concerns you express about the visitation guidelines are also the concerns we share.  Salem Home, along with all other Personal Care Homes in the province, as well as hospitals and home care, are under a provincial Public Health Order.  A Public Health Order is released through government officials when a situation develops that requires the citizens of the province to abide by certain rules (such as hand washing, self-isolating for 14 days, etc.).  Even though Salem Home is designated as a faith-based affiliate organization that operates with a Service Purchase Agreement with Southern Health-Santé Sud, we are not exempt from meeting legislative requirements (Employment Standards, Personal Care Home Standards, Workplace Health & Safety, etc.).  This includes a Public Health Order.


The “rules” we are following are not our rules, they are mandated by the provincial Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Brent Roussin and Shared Health.  To not follow them means we are subject to fines just as any other business.  At this point and in the foreseeable future, the public is not allowed into any PCH to mitigate the risk of introducing the virus into the most vulnerable population.


Salem Home belongs to a provincial group of Personal Care Homes who are diligently working to get at least some of the restrictions related to visitation lifted.  This is taking time and the degree of success is unknown.  I am sure Dr. Roussin and Shared Health are looking at all the stories from other provinces and are working to ensure that this doesn’t happen in Manitoba.  For that we cannot fault them.  But it is frustrating for you as family when you are limited in your interactions with your mom or dad.


This is likely the message you do not want to hear or read when it comes to visiting, but this is Salem Home’s reality.  Should you wish to, we encourage you to send your concerns and comments to Dr. Brent Roussin.  Perhaps you can influence a change in his decisions.


Chief Executive Officer

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