Covid-19 Update for July 10, 2020

July 10, 2020

Dear family member!

We want to thank you for responding to our survey. We really appreciate the feedback. The results were as follows:

92 responses out of 145.

  1. How satisfied are you with the current visitation guidelines?
  • 52.2% are not satisfied with the current visitation guidelines
  • 47.8% are mostly or very satisfied with the current visitation guidelines
  1. Do you agree with the proposed guidelines and accept potential risk?
  • 88% agree with the changes to be implemented, and would accept the increased risk of COVID-19 entering Salem Home
  • 12% disagree with the changes.

As you can see, the satisfaction in regards to visitation is really split in half. A lot of it we cannot change unless the Public Health Order changes. We will continue to look at better ways of doing it.

At this point, we are not making any changes, but this survey will help us to continue to advocate for a better visit experience for the residents at Salem Home. We will be sharing the results with Southern Health – Santé Sud, who in turn could use it with their discussions at a Provincial level.


Karin Oliveira RN, BScN, IIWCC

Director of Resident Care Services

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