Covid 19 Update for April 21, 2020

April 21, 2020

Dear Families and Visitors,
Thank you once again for allowing us to keep your loves ones safe. We receive information and guidelines about
what to do that is changing almost daily, so I would again like to provide you with some updates from Salem

First, we want to confirm that we DO NOT currently have COVID-19 in our building. We want to assure you that
should the virus enter our facility, we would let you know as soon as we possibly could. If you do hear rumors
about illness in Salem Home, please speak directly to the RCM, rather than perpetuating rumors in the

We know you would like to bring special food and treats for the residents, however we have been advised on
the following restrictions:

  • We cannot accept any homemade food.
  • Anything that comes in needs to be able to be wiped down, which means items need to be in
    their original plastic wrapping.
  • We cannot accept items in cardboard.
  • We also cannot accept flowers.The same restrictions apply to sending items in for staff, including food from restaurants, as we must be able to wipe the packaging.

Several people have inquired about how they can send special notes and words of encouragement to staff
during this time. We are setting up our own Well Wishes, where you can send in an email that will be given to
staff. If you have any Well Wishes, please send them to and she will distribute these

We are aware of some family members who have been going to resident’s room windows on the Salem Home
grounds to wave and say hello. While this is a friendly gesture and we understand that you miss each other, this
is discouraged as we want to keep you safe and also protect the privacy of the other residents in their rooms.
Please note you cannot talk with the resident through an open window and especially not touch this same open
window or screen. This creates a potential for COVID-19 to enter Salem Home directly to your loved one.
If you would like to see your loved one, please use the ways that have been mentioned in previous emails. Many
have been taking advantage of the video chat options with FaceTime and Skype, use the phone booth and/or
send pictures and videos.

With the lack of family, visitors and volunteers in the building, we want to assure you that we are providing as
much social stimulation to residents as we can. We have recently increased our Therapeutic Recreation hours so
that more activities and visits can occur.

Again, you can contact the Resident Care Managers by email at the following addresses:

  • Cottonwood: Katharina Bruhn,
  • Maple: Kim Enns,
  • Evergreen/Willow: Dayna Jonasson,

Please continue to keep us in your prayers as we navigate through this difficult time. Thank you for your
understanding and cooperation as we take every measure to protect you, your loved ones and our staff.

Stephanie Thiessen
Social Worker

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