Covid-19 Frequently Asked Questions Related to Salem Home Visitations

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Related to Salem Home Visitations

As we continue to evolve with family visitations and Shared Health requirements, allow us to answer/respond to some of the questions we have faced.  Perhaps this will clarify or assist you when you come for a visit.


Q: Can we make exceptions (for birthdays and anniversaries) to the visitation guidelines; in particular, can more than two people visit at a time during scheduled visits?

A: Keep in mind, one exception per resident (as they all have birthdays), will account for upwards of 145 exceptions. Scheduled visits need to remain at two (2) visitors.  We are required to ensure that visitors maintain physical distancing.


Q: Can I take the resident out?

A: Only those who are the two (2) designated family caregivers may take the resident out.  This includes sitting on an available patio or going for a walk on the sidewalk.  This should not be a means to bring the resident out to meet up with others.


Q: How do I as family connect with the Resident Care Manager, and will they respond to me in a timely way?

A: Their focus remains in caring for residents. They cannot respond to every family member’s email or phone call as this takes them away from the resident care, but will most definitely respond to the primary contact of each resident as timely as possible.


Q: Can I bring in food for my resident when I visit?

A: Any food brought into the building must be cleansed through our UV chamber prior to giving to the resident.  Please do not drop off food in the drop-off box that requires immediate refrigeration.

Family is now permitted to bring food/ beverages for the resident’s outside visit, as long as they can maintain physical distancing and as long as you bring everything that is required (cutlery, salt/pepper, etc.).   It is only to be for the resident, not yourself.  This food must also go through the UV chamber prior to providing to the resident.


Q: We see some staff are wearing PPE (Personal Protective Equipment-masks/eye shields) while others are not, why is this?

A: This must be very confusing to understand.  We are continually given new directions from Shared Health of when PPE must be worn.  For awhile only staff providing direct care to residents were required to wear a mask and eye shield.  As of September 1st, anybody travelling throughout the building will be required to wear a mask.  You may still see some staff not wearing them if in an office by themselves, etc.  Rest assured we always follow the most recent direction given.

As always, if you have questions or concerns about your loved ones, we ask that you speak with the nurse on the care area or you can call or email the Resident Care Managers.  They will respond to you as soon as they are able.


Cottonwood:  Katharina Bruhn,

Maple:  Kim Enns,

Evergreen/Willow:  Dayna Jonasson,

Facetime/Skype booking:  Julie McDonald, Therapeutic Rec Manager,

Family meetings:  Stephanie Thiessen, Social Worker,

Concerns:  Karin Oliveira, Director of Resident Care Services,


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