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 WINKLER, MB – Sod Turning Ceremony for the new Cottonwood Dining Room was held on Friday, May 11, 2018. “Wow, it’s hard to believe that only five months ago we started fundraising for the Cottonwood Dining Room project at the November 2nd Building for Tomorrow Dinner” … and thanks to tremendous community support, as of today 94% of the project has been covered, and here we are, celebrating the Sod Turning,” said Arlen Hildebrand, Salem Foundation Board Chair.  “All Cottonwood Residents, whether they’ll dine in Cotina’s, the current Cottonwood Dining Room, or in the new dining room, will enjoy a quieter, less chaotic dining experience, as well as space to live … areas to enjoy small group activities such as reading, baking, visiting or enjoying a cup of coffee and a conversation with other Residents, family and friends.”

The need for additional dining space, which has been on the radar since 2010, continues to increase. Approximately six months ago, staff took a “snap-shot” of the mobility needs of Cottonwood Residents and found:

  • 97% of resident living on Cottonwood use one type or another of ambulatory aide. Of the 50 residents, 49 use a combined total of 61 mobility and ambulation devices – wheelchairs, walkers, motorized wheelchairs.
  • Only one (1) resident does NOT use any mobility device.
  • There are up to eight (8) power wheelchairs in the dining room.
  • 44% of the ambulation devices are the type that take up more space. Wheelchairs today are larger in length and width than they were when the Dining Room was constructed in 1994.
  • 26% of the residents use both a wheelchair and a walker“Reality is … when you have 50 Residents in one dining area … there are many distractions and space issues with the food service carts and the number of staff required to serve,” said James Peters, Salem Home Board Chair. “Cotina’s Dining Room is too congested, too noisy and over stimulating for many Residents.”

The new Dining Room will make a better living environment for the Residents. It will:

  • Decrease the noise level during meal times and in general. In doing so, there will be a decrease in agitation and aggression of those Residents sensitive to high levels of noise.
  • Give more space for the Susie Q carts to move around so residents can see and smell the food before making their choices for their meal.
  • Make getting in and out of the dining room much easier for the independent residents. No more line-ups waiting to leave the dining room when they are done eating.
  • Give residents the opportunity to explore different activities, such as puzzles, because they can be kept out instead of cleaning up for meal time. More “living space” promotes socialization cognitive stimulation, and meaning and purpose for residents. Peters went on to say, “the new 1,100 sq ft dining area will provide space for up to 24 of the Cottonwood Residents. It will feature large windows on two sides of the room offering Residents’ the enjoyment of natural sunlight, watching nature and the changing seasons while eating in a quieter, less crowded space.”“The cost of the dining room project has come in at $325,000 thanks to the diligent work of WBS Construction and the gifts of FB Industries, Inground Construction, Ironmen Industries and many anonymous donors,” said Hildebrand. “It is our hope to have the remaining $18,000 raised prior to the Residents enjoying the new dining area in August. Anyone wishing to contribute and help complete the project can contact any of the Salem Foundation Board Members or Nancy Wiebe at the Foundation Office.

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