Access Credit Union … Puts Finishing Touch to Front Entrance Project!

Salem Foundation - Front Entrance Renovations

Helping to break down barriers for Salem Home Residents!

“Wow … we truly are blessed to be part of such a caring community,” said Arlen Hildebrand, Salem Foundation Chair.  “Having an organization like Access Credit … who take community commitment seriously … who give back to community members … who help remove barriers for Salem Home Residents and literally “open doors” as part of Salem Home’s Front Entrance renovation project speaks volumes!  Thanks to Access Credit Unions financial support of $15,000, funding for the project is complete!”

The Manitoba Government passed the Accessibility Act in 2015 which focuses on five specific areas where public institutions and private businesses are mandated on making their facilities, etc. accessible to everyone. One of the specific areas is “Physical & Architectural Barriers.”  “The Front Entrance renovation is a great example of removing a barrier” said James Peters, Salem Home Board Chair, “its user-friendliness is benefiting Residents and visitors alike … and it’s thanks to Access Credit Union, the church congregations, businesses, organizations and community members who funded the project!”

The new Front Entrance opened in October 2016 … and every week since, a Resident, family member or visitor comments on how much they appreciate the new entrance. It provides:

  • A door that opens automatically as Residents and visitors approach it;

  • A south facing entrance door along the sidewalk that allows Residents to exit and enter without having to cross the portal driveway;

  • A longer sloping ramp, along the sidewalk, that gives Residents freedom to travel up and down the ramp themselves instead of having to rely on others to enter and exit their home.

  • As well as a, spacious staging and sitting area inside the front entrance.

“The new Front Entrance is a true gift to the Residents!” said, Arlen Hildebrand. “Breaking down barriers that kept Residents trapped when they couldn’t press the door opener or navigate the two sets of heavy doors. This gift is improving their quality of life through independence and user-friendly access to and from their home.” Salem Home and Salem Foundation Board of Directors are very thankful for everyone who helped make the new Front Entrance reality! “Once again, we’re humbled by the community support,” said James Peters, “thanks to your gifts … you are giving Salem Home Residents a positive-lived experience!”

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