Celebrating the Value of Volunteering – Building Confidence, Connections and Community

Volunteer Appreciation Evening

On Wednesday, May 2, 2018 Salem Home hosted 150 volunteers and their guests to its annual Volunteer Appreciation Evening.   The theme of the Appreciation Event was “Celebrate the Value of Volunteering – Building Confidence, Connections and Community.”  What a community of volunteers we have at Salem Home.   They all volunteer to share their gifts, talents and time with the residents and staff.

Salem Home Volunteers create community with each other and the residents, they instill confidence in the new volunteer, and they create connections with the residents.   We celebrated together with beautiful music from Jayme Giesbrecht, greetings from Sherry Janzen (CEO of Salem Home), door prizes from many generous community sponsors and wonderful cookies made by Rise N’ Roll Bakery.

Thank you to all the Salem Home Volunteers for your continued support and passion for the residents.

Alana Thiessen, Salem Home Volunteer Coordinator


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